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Reverend Irene Windhorse
Windhorse Transformative Spiritual Services
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Dear Bride and Groom,

It is my honor and pleasure to meet with you

and decide whether I am the Officiant you would like

to plan your wedding.

I'd like to hear about how you met, and what your projection

is for your future as a married couple.  I'd like for you to share

your beliefs and the customs that are important to you and that

you want to honor yourselves and your Family and Guests with.

You may want someone special to read an endearing passage or

a spiritual quote, poem or something they or you have written.

Perhaps there is a person or persons you'd like to mention, even

as they are departed or unable to attend.

If you're a couple who wants no mention of religion we will speak

words of appreciation and bonding to bless your new Life together.

I will compose a Ceremony and email it to you for your perusal,

input and corrections.  You can change things around, eliminate or

change words, sentences, paragraphs or sections!  

This is YourCeremony and it speaks you into the 

First Day of the Rest of Your Life!

With Reverence for All Life,

I welcome our partnership on your behalf.

Reverend Irene Windhorse

Patti and Sam had a beautiful 

December Wedding complete with snow!

Rings are placed on each other's fingers...then Family surrounded 

the couple to ring the Bells of Invincibility to insure the couples' 

abundance, good health and happiness.

Miriam Shilling played Harp for Patty and Sam, 

I am delighted to have been Miriam and Phil's chosen Officiant.

"Made our day special!", HarpGal from Cutchogue, New York

Reverend Irene worked closely with us for the ceremony we wanted. 

She handled the eclectic mix of cultures and religions with aplomb, even going 

so far as to learn the Hebrew blessings we needed. Definitely recommended!"

And here, thanks to Mim and the wonderful professional photographer 

(to be noted) 

are pictures of the perfect day of Miriam and Phil Reichardt's Wedding.

Miriam and Phil's outdoor wedding was a mixture of grandeur and 

old-fashioned hospitality.  The beautiful Katubah honored Miriam's 

Jewish roots, while references to Jesus and Irish Blessings acknowledged 

Phil's Irish heritage.  Brass and Crystal Bowls punctuated expressions 

of the Couple's love.  Guests traveled far and wide for Mim and Phil.  

Miriam's elegant red Sari was made more dear, I think, 

by her bare feet touching the Earth Mother.

We signed this magnificent document, called the is the 

Bride's property, and essentially notes that she is a free person, 

instead of a chattel of her husband as women once were.  It is to be kept 

in her possession at all times.  Katubahs originated in the ancient times 

when a man could divorce his wife at a whim, leaving her in disgrace 

and undesirable to any other, while she had not the right to do the same.

Tingsha heralded the approach of the Bride and called attention of 

Angels and Guests alike, that we had come for Sacred Purpose.  

The first bowl to be sung honored those who were unable to be present.

The Couple's Wedding Rings were unique in themselves; and were 

blessed by wishes sent from the Congregation as well as 

God and Goddess...Ancestors,Angels, the Couple, Myself 

and Earth Herself.  Mim's Grandmother's ring had been given 

"with warm hands" to her.


We enjoyed Nature's Grand Cathedral

The special glass Miriam and Phil had chosen as a symbol of the fragility 

of Life and Relationship... was well-contained in cloth and a pink bag 

made by Miriam.  She had yet another to put the shards in for eternal keeping.

I heard the Trees murmur their Blessing as Mim and Phil 

enjoyed their first kiss as Mr. and Mrs. and the joyous crowd 

clapped and yelled, Mazal Tov!!!  

Diane and Michael's wedding at Bethpage State Park was 

blessed  with perfect weather...and was absolutely gorgeous. 

They are now the proud parents of a handsome baby boy.


Nancy and Brian's outdoor wedding was casual and as serious and it was 

fun..they told their guests they were coming to Brian's Birthday Party!

From one Source, All Life...from one Source Candle, two individuals 

bring separate tapers...signifying their singleness...ever to remain 

Individuals, unified into one Partnership, one Hearth, one Home...

Jussara and Billy agreed to a short ceremony.  We fit all that is 

important into about five minutes then retired to the deck for a sumptuous repast.

Elvis attended!!

It was a thrill to Officiate for Nick and Rosie at Nick's sister's home...

She is a friend of my daughter's.  I watched these kids grow up 

and thrilled to Officate "Little Brother" Nick's wedding!

Sandy and Mario decided to be wed in my home.  I set the stage for them...

Quan Yin, Goddess of Compassion smiled upon them...Jesus and Mary 

blessed them...and Lord Ganesha, Lord of Beginnings and 

Remover of Obstacles cleared their way for a bright future together.

Tingsha struck the first chord for the proceedings, 

and the couple thrilled each other and all of us with the lovely song 

Sandy recited for her Groom, and the heart-rendered writing 

Mario composed for his Bride.

Certainly unique was my meeting with Susan and Richard in 

Southampton. N.Y. on Valentine's Day, 2009.

They were married on the spot, amidst a shopping spree!  

When two or more are gathered with Sacred Intent...

any and all places are Holy!

(left) Karen and Michael LeClerc, owners of Renaissance 

were the most gracious was such an auspicious time. 

(right) Southampton's own Congressman became a surprise 'guest' 

when he came in to pick up some purchases!

Poppa Cici was Witness and proficient Photographer!

Cathy and James' Barbecue Wedding was held under perfect skies

Brandt, Nephew of the Groom, presented the Treasure of the Rings.

Cathy and James were such great hosts that I don't think anyone got a

picture of them side by side! 


Nilda and Andrew's wedding in the park was well-attended and they 

made it an elegant affair.  We blew the Conches for luck and to announce 

their union to the universe.  Nilda made her own favors...

handmade candy made with her sister in her native 

Dominican Republic, on a traditional "boat" of bamboo...delicious!

Reverence and honoring of Family and Spirit were so abundant in 

Nicole and Rob's Christian-Buddhist Marriage.  Lovely readings, 

Buddhist Chants and an exquisite Tea Ceremony accented the grace 

of Bride and Groom.  Rob's Mom bought the exquisite ceremonial 

jackets...the beautiful kneeling pillows were made by her friend!  

People traveled from Bejing to attend!

It was with greatest pleasure that I served my own 

Nephew Frank and his Bride Blake this February 2010.

..we travelled to Las Vegas, Nevada and held a lovely 

ceremony in their Bridal Suite. Frank broke the mold, 

wearing a fur coat and his beloved Grandfather's hat. 

Not all men would have the courage to assert meaningful symbols 

and I applaud his honoring of his connections, and 

Blake's acceptance of his expressions. Their ceremony was 

filled with mirth and some of their comments had the 

congregation in a roar! This was indeed a 

Unique Wedding, and a distinct pleasure for me to perform.  

(I have more pictures to add)

Jackie and  Nate's wedding had all the elements...literally, blessing

their New Beginning.  It rained and rained...then stopped as the 

Bride, her party and myself walked to the beach for the ceremony.  

Also incredible and most beauteous, Jackie's Mother, Peggy,

 called in the directions, invoked the Earth Mother's 

blessings and drummed for her children.

One of the most beautiful things I've ever seen, is a Bride bending 

to the Earth Mother in reverence and respect.

I brought the Sun, Moon, Stars and Galaxies with me, 

and invited Jackie and Nate to stand on the representation of the 

marriage of Grandmother Moon to Father Sun...

...and sang the bowl of all frequencies to ask blessings, abundance

and perfect health from all Sacred Beings for these young people.

As we first began the ceremony, standing upon a tiny island 

surrounded by water, we found ourselves being embraced by Water's

loving blessings...which we loved, but we ran for it!  Nate's brand 

new Army Reserve boots got christened!  He'd been telling me how 

wonderfully constructed they are, for protecting a soldier's feet.  I 

think this blessing will sustain him and those boots through anything.

I don't know about the Bride's beautiful sandals, though!

Exchanging rings

Blessed Is!!!!

The Bride fed the Groom!!!

Auriel Lady Falcon, my 1959 Airstream, and I

headed for the ferry and on to Long Island the next day.

Serpil and  Osman

We met at Osman's Best Man's restaurant and had a lovely gathering

of Friends and Extended Family...The newlyweds will have two more 

ceremonies in their home country with each Family in 2011.  We sat at

a table in the Moslem tradition for the ceremony.


Another sweet tradition is to write the names of hopeful future brides on the

bottom of the Bride's shoe...Serpil was scuffing her feet to wear into the

names, for the first one to be erased by the Bride's walking/dancing will

be the lucky in line to be married!!!


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