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Even as the lotus rises up from the mud; so too, sound blossoms into creative benefits in the body.

The use of sound to affect shifts in consciousness, physiology and thereby one's health employs the voice and various instruments.

The frequencies of sound are either harmonious or dissonant to one's psyche, and even dissonance at times will help shift an undesirable mood or condition into enough of a challenge that new ideas and boundaries will be allowed, freeing your Self to further explore the desires you wish to enliven.  It is a matter between you and your Highest Potential...a Journey of Discovery assisted by the instruments of voice, bells, bowls, gongs, drums, conch, flute and more.

It is suggested that you let the soundscapes take you freely to new vistas...or set a particular Intent if you wish.

Aroma will be employed to enhance your experience.

 Richard Schooping's rendition of Sound's radiations being like ocean waves is a good quantum physics illustration.

Schedule a session with family members, friends, or colleagues.

Wednesday 7:30pm

Saturday 4pm

Sunday 1pm

Gather a group and enjoy together!  For every two people you refer that attend, receive one free session.

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Irene Windhorse


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