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I was Ordained a Minister of All Faiths, Interfaith Minister, on August 12th, 2000.  Presiding over the Ordainment in the Catholic Church in Manhattan, was Rabbi Joseph Gelberman, and amazing Elder of the Hebrew Faith, along with a Catholic Priest and a second Rabbi.  I am registered in New York City's Town Hall.  Reverend is my official title, and I practice non-denominational Ceremony.  Interfaith marriage is honored by speaking from both Traditions of the Bride and Groom when that is their desire.  
Our dear Rebbi Geleberman crossed the veil in September 2010.  He did great work in our world, and helped myriads of people.  He even married the Daughter of my beloved Teacher/Mentor, Shivamokshananda!  Blessed Is, Rebbe!

Helping others define mind, body and spirit the way I have been helped to do is how I validate the Gift of Life given me by Creator...it is the Gift I create and return.  I'm grateful to those teachers and other dedicated people that influenced my life toward discovering my personal spirituality.  It's a glorious place to be; to Know Thyself.  

A multi-faith Minister is trained to serve in all religions.  I believe that all faiths speak the truth of Heaven and Earth.  I believe that all languages and traditions describe God and Creation accurately at their Root, in their Intent; that not one is correct over another.  I believe that in some cases the original Teachings of a religion have been distorted, forgotten and sidestepped.  We've seen many examples of the loss of Love in congregational practice.  Each of us, I believe, needs to be responsible for staying balanced and discerning for ourselves.  We need to be the change we want to see in the world, as my first Hero, Mahatmas Gandhi said.  Contrary to much religious belief, my personal doctrine lies in assisting others to trust in their own Direct Hearing/Seeing/Communication with Creator.  We may need facilitation of others to assist our evolution, but I encourage the goal of becoming Self-Sustaining, and cultivating the art of Hearing and Acting from the Heart.

I also believe that God/dess does not speak in words, but in light, energy, and miracles and even silence...perhaps primarily from Silence.  Language is the construct of humanity and the story of the tower of Babel so well describes the confusion that we have caused by thinking one over another tradition is best, and that one race of people can excel over another.  In today's world, enlightenment is permeating the nations and at last people are listening to each other, interpreting and discovering sameness...unity in diversity and diversity in unity.  For myself, Interfaith Ministry allows me to converse in many Traditions, and I am immensely enriched by the privilege. 

Ever grateful to those who have taught me, especially by their example.

Ever joyful in the work of assisting others 

to celebrate their joy, and surmount their uncertainty or sorrows.


Windhorse  August, 2000
updated October 25, 2010
Now I walk in beauty,
Beauty stands before me,
Beauty stands behind me~
Above, below...and within me
Conversation and various spiritual tools assist your quest to enliven the greatest you...which lives in the highest possibilities of all of us.  By focusing on your spiritual questions; exploring the empty spaces and healing the injuries still harbored, you find ways for you to move forward for your highest good.  Much of the time mental focus needs to move aside, and the precious Essences of the Tree and Plant Kingdom initiate memory or release hidden grief.  Vibratory frequencies of tuning forks, singing bowls, gongs and more can do the same; assisting our connectedness to our Right Brain's Wisdom.

My Interfaith and Spiritual experience will serve to help you create a personal ceremony that encompasses your personal beliefs and preferences.  I believe in honoring the celebrants with ritual and or symbolic language that expresses their joy and promise of the best in future possibilities for their marriage or baby's naming/blessing, house blessing, motorcycle and rider blessing, or soothes the trauma of loss in a memorial service, bringing remembrance and honoring for loved ones, family and friends.  

Blessings are created to clear away obstacles, renew one's Spirit and bring forth auspicious new possibilities; enlivening your Highest Intent.  As I create or we co-create, your Intent is discerned, defined, strengthened and demonstrated with words and significant tools such as singing bowls, incense, stories, readings, and songs or symbols and rituals significant in your culture or for some other reason meaningful.  You may want a quick, official Ceremony.  We can make that simple, significant and beautiful too.
The Iron Maidens look like Goddesses when they flow down the road on those sleek bikes!
This was the second Annual Itsy Bitsy Spider Run when only the Maidens attended.  It has now opened to include hundreds of bikers and in concert with its original purpose of Remembrance and Honor to Laura Spector, a fallen Founder of the Iron Maidens Women's Motorcycle Club, has become a benefit run for women and children in need.  


...an amazing Blessing from Nature

I use medicinal grade aromatic essences from plants, flowers and trees to effect relaxation and deep healing and transformation through massage and visualizations.  Aromatic Essences are the very Spirit of the plant.  A fine medicinal grade, when ingested or applied to the skin is carried through the adipose (fat) cells in our body to balance organs and energy flows.  I use various ones as appropriate in ceremony also.  I have personally experienced the power of these essences to knock a virus out of my system without pharmaceuticals.  I purify the air in my home without harmful chemicals.

As Independent Distributor and Certified Aromatherapist, I have Wisdom of the Earth Essences for sale as well.  Attend an Open House and experience exquisite fragrances that have medicinal properties and the ability to reconnect you to our precious Earth Mother.  Expand your possibilities for optimal health and learn how Aromatherapy can change and enhance your life.  Please call for scheduling.  516-361-2545.  These events are free of charge.  Would you like to schedule a talk at your place of business, or social club?



...we are the vibration that created the First Word

The voice is the primal healer for humanity...when the first words were spoken, enhancing communication among humans, it was a great leap forward; people could now be heard without having to have eye contact!  In the ancient Vedic world the voice soon became known as having vibratory healing power.  It is still used today in this way.  We, and sounds of all sorts, are vibration and frequency.

Drums and sticks create various sounds that reach deep into the psyche.  Shifts in emotion or consciousness occur, and scientists have proved that sustained shamanic drumming assists transformation.  Tones of gongs are deep-felt by everyone, it seems, and crystal and brass singing bowls lift our Intentions into elevated realms perhaps unexperienced before.

My head seems to reflect the Blessing I felt and I sent while drumming on Grandmother Drum.  (that is my head in the forefront of the picture, with a large "halo" of light!)

There has been a great deal of distress between White Eagle Medicine Woman and the Native American Communities.  After much deliberation and meetings she discontinued the use of the White Eagle Feather, and I believe the traditional Native American regalia as well.  Her authenticity was challenged, and indeed, I had remembered her saying that she was not of the First Nations.  First Nations people have been exploited in so many ways, and I understand their issues.  Grandmother Drum, however; has her own powers, and is a force that has permeated many minds, bodies and spirits with her healing tones and cadence.  First Nations People, I believe, brought a deeper Authenticity to Grandmother Drum and this Project.  Decide for yourself what your Heart desires, and use caution regarding your choices for monetary support.

White Eagle Medicine Woman (Suraj Holzwarth) and her assistant are touring the world for Peace with the magnificent Grandmother Drum:  It is best explained from their website:  http://whirlingrainbow.com/gmd.htm 

"The Mission of the GrandMother Drum International Peace Project is to travel around the world as the international voice of the Whirling Rainbow Foundation. As a symbol of the heartbeat of love that connects all nations and all races, the GrandMother Drum promotes peace and unity through the global language of music, dance, cultural and healings arts.

From a vision of indigenous grandmothers and many hands of the multicultural Alaskan community, the large, seven-foot diameter, crystal inlaid, GrandMother Drum was built in 2000. The GrandMother Drum is traveling the world as an international symbol of the Universal Heart that connects all races and all cultures of the human family.

The GrandMother Drum is a living, beating symbol from the hearts of the grandmothers that we are all one people, that Mother Earth is our one country, that love is stronger than fear and that peace and freedom are the birthrights of all humanity. The drum is the centerpiece of creating celebrations that honor the unique gifts and spiritual traditions of the diverse cultures of the human family with the theme: The Heartbeat of One Family, One Earth. The dynamic multicultural performances share an explosive mix of thundering primal rhythms, irresistible music and dance

The largest drum of its kind in the world, the GrandMother Drum took over a year to construct, and has over 1500 strips of wood, two hundred crystals inlaid in its kettle base and is covered by one giant buffalo hide. All this combined produces a phenomenal sound that not only stirs the soul, but has a tremendous healing effect on the body."


Brass bowls have been hand-crafted in Tibet for millennia, and their tones can be multiple and varied; affecting one Chakra or another or many at the same time.  My small "Speaking" bowl is felt in my throat, and two Brides; one a singer and one a harp player, who chose to have it used in their Marriage Ceremonies felt it also in their throat.  

Hugely impressive are Crystal bowls that resound with deep-reaching resonance.

Tuning Forks have become common for therapeutic sessions.  I home-studied with John Bellieau and have his tuning forks.  Acutonics studies have been personal and more extensive, with Suzanne Clegg and Donna Carey and Ellen Franklin, founders of Kairos Institute of Acutonics.  These phenomenal tuning forks resonate with the Planet's tones, and are used on Acupuncture Points to increase their efficacy.

San Francisco 2007 at the World Sound Healing Institute:  Front Irene, 

Donna Carey, PhD, LAc. ~ Back (unknown Acutonics Practitioner) and Ellen Franklin

This gifted Mother and Son are visibly prolific in their crafting of flutes.  They teach as well, and are able musicians!  (I will find and add their names.)  The flute has long been a chosen instrument of First Americans...the mournful sounds turn into joyous notes and guide one into realms formerly unfelt and unknown.

After Suzanne Clegg's gong gave finishing vibrations to several treatments I had with her, this one easily pushed me over the edge to buying my own "Venus" and "Mars."  The voice of "Venus" is soft and feminine, while "Mars" is deep, strong and masculine.  Here they are, below...along with my drums, Crystal Bowls, Conchs, rattles and what-all!  You can make out two brass bowls on the left near Ho Ti, and the Bell and Dorje and Tingsha, also of Tibetan Tradition.  In the foreground are many Acutonics Tuning Forks with their color coded weights.  This is the room I call my Sacred Room, and Diety of All Traditions grace her space.  Here we gather for Musical, Transformative Sound Sessions.


Reverend Irene Windhorse


The Flower of Life

Ganesha, Lord of Beginnings and Remover of Obstacles blesses and inspires our endeavors.








SHIVAMOKSHANANDA (Robert C. Sohn)     MATAJI (Grandmaster Tina Sohn)  





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