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Cultivating the Highest Form of  the Greatest Possibility You Can Be:

Consider Reverence for All Life...How do you honor your Divinity?


A morning attitude of Nurturance and Vitality opens all and everything to wider Possibilities

Be Light

Spirit's spark attends each one of us...we need to attend to all we can in return.

i Am I

Who am I?  What can I be?

2011~What Will My Life Be?

There is much speculation over the prophecies of a grand event to happen in 2012...but what about now?

2011 To Your Health

An index of my pages regarding health.

2011 Conceptual View



We live in a world of duality.  Vascillating one side to the other begets a repetitive cycle; a spiral that reaches up or down.  Triangulation considers both sides then investigates the Transcendent Idea.

Grand Terminus

The Grand Terminus is another name for the Grand Limit, tthe Grand Ultimate, 

the T'ai Chi, the Yin and Yang.  How does this concept benefit a Seeker of a Good Way?

When We Speak

Are you able to speak your mind?  Do you speak authentically, truthfully?  Do you uphold the values you claim to have by speaking honestly about your beliefs and goals?

Fantastic Is Life

A little poem that expresses my gratitude and inspiration for Life.

Creation of Self

Earth Keeper

As we keep our homes, so we do well to consider keeping Earth clean, functional, sustainable.  Land cannot be given; it is loaned....generation to generation.  What we conserve today is a gift we can give tomorrow.

We are responsible for the Next Seven Generations!


Shapeshifting is a concept unfamiliar to much of the world...examine the idea and see how on some levels you already do survive, to "save face," to appear more much good does it do?  Are there other ways to Shape Shift?


Are you a warrior or a worrier?

Birthing the New Spiritual Warriror

More eclectic thought on how I can strrrretch my imagination to encompass more evolution for myself.