An inquiring mind asked:

Hi, Irene,
Can you please explain the purpose the group to me?
  I guess I am not too well versed in all of the "healing" measures you talk about.  What sort of things are you referring to?  Is this considered religion?  Is it witchcraft? Black majic?   I am confused....

Hi, ... 

Thanks so much for inquiring...that's a gift we give to ourselves and others.  I appreciate the chance to explain myself better to you. 

I am not about witchcraft, black magic OR religion, though I draw on and incorporate the revalant aspects religion provides me.  I am an Ordained Minister in all religions, but my personal practices are eclectic, meaning that I study the ways of religions, philosophies and cultures and take from them the meaningful parts that seem to resonate with my personal values and understanding, which are for all people to be empowered with self-confidence, self-healing, self-sustainability (food, shelter, money...or a better means of exchange). 

When I do a ritual, which for me is rare .. which simply means (to me) setting up symbols that describe my feelings, purpose and connection to Spirit, God, Goddess, Universal Love...I am communicating with MY Higher Self as well as the Source of All Life, because it's my belief that each of us has that Source as a Seed within us. Each of us, I believe, has our own "Middle Wo/Man" that has a direct line to God.

Setting up a little area with symbols allows me to better understand my feelings about a situation.  It connects me to my Heart and gets me out of my head ...  

Science is now realizing that it is in our DNA....Gregg Braden, a researcher I greatly respect, has found that there are "messages in our DNA...the actual Name of God."  I invite people to come and hear him and others directly from dvds and cds I have, or to read their books, and talk about it together.  

Each person, I believe, should come to their own conclusions.  I had a Teacher, Shivamokshananda, for 18 years, and he repeatedly told us that:  "Don't take my word for anything.  Test it out for yourself and take what makes sense to you and leave the rest."  I tested his theories and found that they were right for me, and that's why I stayed in that system of Teaching.  I wrote about him on my website; there's lots you can find out about me on there:  http://www.w1ndhorse.com ... check out the page "About Windhorse" and "A Great Man" and "A Great Lady"  I have a page about Reiki, which is in my opinion, what Jesus did, without needing any kind of training.  Reiki connects us and a practitioner invites the Universal Love to flow through us, which it does anyway; but everything is stronger when INTENT is put behind it. Sometimes a person is unable to connect themselves; or rather, to open and allow for Divine Energy to flow freely within themselves.  An Attuned Reiki practitioner is an assistant for revitalization and healing.

Honestly, the more I learn .. the more I believe that living a good life is really all we have to do.  The reason I still study and still want to 'pass the word' is that we are so far away from the simplicity our life IS, at root...we are so controlled, and influenced by the greedy marketers, and government that wants all their 'ducks' in a row so they can control the population. 

The new scientific findings have been validating many "doctrines" of various religions, and claims and prophecies of aboriginal people...it seems that the language describes actual events and significances that the Ancients knew, because they were closer to the Source. 

For instance, the Vedic (Hindu) people talk about the "Kali Yuga."  We are in the Kali Yuga now.  YUGA means "AGE"...a period of time of the Earth.  Since Earth is our home, what happens to her affects us big time.  Astronomically, planets and galaxies move through the universe, just like energy moves through our physical bodies.  Just as our bodies age, so does Mother Earth's body...only in different ways.  The energetic breakdown has a lot to do with her placement in relation to the other planets and galaxies.  What has been happening over millions of years, is that minute changes in position have been going on and are now coming to a culmination.  Our Poles have shifted some fractions of inches...this is Science.  Our magnetic shield is diminishing, and our ozone layer becoming depleted. 

By putting our intelligence together to discuss these things, I feel that we can each come to our own conclusion...and sort of like a group of scientists, or engineers, or business executives...when we share what makes sense to each of us, we may help one or some of the people in the group to define it better for themselves.  That's my Purpose. 

There are so many points to a discussion like this...please join us and assist the process!! 

I have no agenda for changing anyone's mind...and I don't want to always be with people who think just the way I do, because there's no diversity in that...fortunately, Life doesn't seem to provide that anyway...so often I've found that friends I thought were on the 'same page' as I can't agree on some point that is so important to me.  We agree to disagree, and their viewpoint helps me review my own.  This is how we grow. 

Love to you,

Thanks again for asking, please write or call with your reactions; obviously I can't satisfy the question fully at once, but I hope I gave you a sense of who I am and my motivations.  What probably gives you the idea of witchcraft is when I talk about the Law of Attraction.  Bruce Lipton has come out with a book describing how our thoughts actually change our DNA.  He's involved in  genetic research, which I have very mixed feelings about; both dangerous and enlightening possibilities, and Bruce brings out the positive and useful.  His research caused him to become a believer in GOD.  I know, I know...this is all so different than the way we were taught and the powers that be would have us believe.  Imagine, if every person can heal themselves instead of going to the doctor and taking prescriptions...the great change in the Economy that will be. Large corporations and institutions do not want that...they would have to get a 'day job!' Kind of sounds like the promised Heaven to me, however!  I've proved a lot of this to myself. 

My early and simple example is how when I was really frightened about driving far from home, the Toll Takers' grouchy faces made me feel worse, and intimidated.  When I first heard the premise in 1980's that thoughts become things...I started imagining a smiling friendly face at Toll Booths, and lo and behold, when I did that...the Toll Taker would smile and/or return my greeting instead of grunting, being silent and never looking at me.  Try it for yourself.  One Vitalist member did, when I explained how I'd imagined a very grouchy, demanding client being kind and sweet and it worked again...it took a few contemplations on my part, but it happened!  She found that it worked for her also. 

Happy Day!



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