We enjoyed  

Frank Celenza playing acoustic originals on his guitar.   

His music inspires us to recognize our true magnificence...his gentle Spirit is calming to be around, and his long experience as a musician and music Teacher are evident in his renderings.  He connects deeply to each person as he shares the origins and influences of his compositions.

We brought our Hand Percussion Instruments and joined in!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010 at 4pm

We decided to sit outside in the ambiance of Spring's breezes turning into Summer.  Leslye recorded the session, and the inadequate lighting of my old home sent her in search of brightness.  She is writing a book about the Blues on Long Island, and has done other documentaries.

We enjoyed Celtic Music with Dee Harris 

(Dee is a diversified musician...He plays Ragas every Friday at an Indian Restaurant in Hicksville, NY:

and Mountain Ash

playing instrumentals and songs of Ireland, Scotland and England

 Dee Harris - guitar, banjo  and mandola

Bernie Stolls - hammered dulcimer

Susan Wood - fiddle

Jessie O'callahan- flute 

the four members of Mountain  Ash have created an exciting and beautiful sound - they have strong roots in celtic tradition while adding influences of American old time music and ancient medieval styles-

Saturday, June 12, 2010 from 7-9:30pm

(with one half-hour intermission)

We enjoyed a lovely Renaissance Concert with Rosemary Birardi and Robert Lepre 

of St. Marks Consort on Saturday, March 13, 2010   

You may remember that it was amidst the great and gusty rainstorm that tumbled so many trees right out of the earth.  When Rosemary and Bob arrived and got all their equipment indoors, the lights went out.  I began gathering candles, realizing I'd need the cotton and ghee candles I keep for puja/honoring of Life ~ after about half an hour the electric came back on and we were fortunate that it remained.

The phone rang, and I was told that two people had left when they found a huge pine tree across my front entrance!  We'd heard nothing, but there he was...beautiful Blue Spruce...uprooted.  Kokila and other guests turned back for home after finding several routes blocked with trees.  Still, Bob and Rosemary played for a few of us...a joy and a privilege.  They promise to return!

About St. Marks
St. Marks Consort has been playing medieval, renaissance and world music since 1981. Currently the recorder duo of Robert Lepre and Rosemary Birardi, St Marks, plays at the NY Renaissance Fair with dancers from court, maypole,  bellydancers and aerial acrobats. St Marks has also played "show music" for the Joust, Romeo and Juliet, Twelfth Night, Midsummer's Night Dream, the Tempest,  Henry V, and more.
St. Marks has recorded 6 CDs at Iwaz Music Studios, NYC, and some of it is available for download and listening at the website:

About the Concert

Dance Time
We present a program of dance music from through time, including Medieval, English country dance, Renaissance dance, and Celtic jigs and reels.  These feature period instruments -- pipe & tabor, krumhorn, dulicmer, percussion and recorders. Then a Sonate of Dances from Jean Baptiste Loeillet de Gant and a Baroque Dance Suite featuring music of Kriger, Purcell, Mattheson and Handel both for recorder duet. 

Here you can see the instruments and hear Renaissance music: 

Jacobean music: 

And so we graced the day and were Graced by Gaia and Spirit...


We met and strengthened ourselves, earth and All Life

on September, 9, 2009.  This auspicious numerical day 9~9~9

is the number attributed to Jesus and is is the highest of numbers 

in numerology.  Throughout the world, people meditated

to bring light, healing and auspiciousness to Earth.

Two days afterward was the anniversary of a tragedy.

Let us bring new energy to the letting go of fear.

Let us change the way we view the NOW.

Lute and Recorder Concert

was wondrous and promises to happen again!

October 10, 2009,  7:30pm

The wonderful Lute played by accomplished Instrumentalist Christopher Morrongiello and the Alto and Soprano Recorders deftly brought to life by Kokila Jodi Bennett were enhanced by Christopher's teachings about the history of the music and instruments they played.

An unexpected plus was the genuine Chinese Green Tea brewed for us by Scarlet, Chris' wife.  Read more and see photos here.  A formal Tea Ceremony and more Music of the Renaissance...AND MORE is in the planning!  Keep a watch!

Please email for details

BE the Change you want to see in the world!

Each day is a Gift given to us...rejoice in it!

YOU are it's Creator!  Make it what you want it to be!

Join us!

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With Love to You Like Hearts and Gentle Spirits!