Divine Feminine Vitalists

Divine Ladies Gather at Windhorse Way

7:30pm, Tuesdays

Please arrive 7-7:15pm (or if late, just walk in quietly and take a seat)

RSVP appreciated by email before 4pm or by text or phone call by 6pm, to allow for arrangement of comfortable seating.

Dear Divine Ladies!!!

With sincere heart I welcome you to a new chapter in the refinement of who we are as women and human beings. Time seems to me to be moving faster than ever; perhaps it is my advancing age...yet I feel young and innocent in my heart; wishing to Know All and feeling like I know times of calm, I realize that coincides with what Jesus suggested:  "come to me as a little child."  A mind open, is a mind capable of learning.

The World Goddess pictured, however, within each of us, and we each have enormous Wisdom and even more to REMEMBER. All is One, cliche` though that has become, and we will talk about the reality of that...and all Knowledge available on the Ethers.

My INTENT for this group is to enliven, vitalize and bring to the surface, our Divinity as Women...what it means to each of us individually...for each person is at some juncture unique and necessary to the Whole...and how we can enliven and keep that consistent and continual in our lives and the lives of all we touch.

Hopefully our numbers will increase and we will nurture each other with our full Divinity, Compassion and Strength.


Without us, no child born...Let us Re-Birth our Spirits and facilitate Spirit's Rebirthing upon Earth!

As exchange, I can always use tea candles ...Sage or Nag Champa are welcome, and there is a bowl marked "Rainbows" for monetary contributions. Bouquets of flowers thrill me, and benefit all who see them.

Love to you, and thankyou for the Privilege of your Presence!


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