"Know that the Self is the rider, and the body the chariot;
that the intellect is the charioteer, and the mind the reins.
The senses, say the wise, are the horses; the roads they
travel are the mazes of desire. The wise call the Self the
enjoyer when it is united with the body, the senses and the mind."
~ The Bhagavad Gita

The Flower of Life simply folds, unfolds, and turns back 

upon itself to fold and unfold again and again...and as a

body is placed in the earth, it's Soul arises, just as a Lotus

arises to bloom and reincarnate out of mud deep in the 

bottom of its watery home.

    Today is September 19, 2009, and my Dad died two days ago.  

As a Minister I help whoever I can with transitions of all sorts.  

As a child of a man who just passed into a new reality, I am in 

new territory.  Wanting to help my Dad and being in my 

dimensions of reality and in my body, it is tenuous and my 

words flutter and pause before they fly.  I want to help him go 

where he needs to go without fear, and to accomplish what he 

needs to complete and choose his next incarnation and mission.

I do believe that consciousness lives on, and life continues.

     I connect my hands in prayer for him, two halves forming a whole; 

the  energies, yin and yang, of my body connecting in universal

 regenerative power.  I send it out into the universe, targeting my 

beloved Father...targeting all my Family who feels this loss.  

It returns to me as Reiki always does, and I am comforted 

knowing that all is Perfect, in divine Order proceeding.

       "Hey pandits, who didn't die?  When you find out, tell me.  

Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva died, 

Parvati's son Ganesha died, so many suns and moons died, 

Hanuman the bridge builder died, 

Krishna died, the maker died.  One, the Original, didn't die.  

No fall, no rise.  

Kabir says, that one never dies."

        Thanks to W. Allan for the following writing, and Lu, 

who sent it to me:

     "The question as it was posed; If you do not really die upon 

physical death as you have proposed, what is it like and 

where do you go when you leave your body behind?

     "This is a question that is on every persons mind at one time 

or another and I have addressed it before, but as some of 

you know, I like to revisit subjects and try and approach 

them from different angles as some of you become more 

familiar with the real nature of reality that I am trying 

to explain to the best of my limited abilities. As we have 

often  said, there is no hell, and thank God, there is no 

heaven either or we would all be in for a very long time 

kneeling, adoring and playing harps in our spare time.

When I Get Where I知 Going
Brad Paisley & Dolly Parton  

When I get where I知 going
On the far side of the sky
The first thing that I知 gonna do
Is spread my wings and fly

I知 gonna land beside a lion
And run my fingers through his mane
Or I might find out what it痴 like
To ride a drop of rain


Yeah when I get where I知 going
There値l be only happy tears
I will shed the sins and struggles
I have carried all these years
And I値l leave my heart wide open
I will love and have no fear
Yeah when I get where I知 going
Don稚 cry for me down here

I知 gonna walk with my Granddaddy
And he値l match me step for step
And I値l tell him how I missed him
Every minute since he left
Then I値l hug his neck
[Repeat Chorus]

So much pain and so much darkness
In this world we stumble through
All these questions I can稚 answer
So much work to do

But when I get where I知 going
And I see my maker痴 face
I値l stand forever in the Light
Of his Amazing Grace
Yeah when I get where I知 going
There値l be only happy tears

I will love and have no fear
When I get where I知 going
Don稚 cry for me down here

(from Wikipedia ... Song was written by George Teren and 

Rivers Rutherford and recorded by American country music artist 

Brad Paisley. It was released in October 2005 as second single 

from his album 典ime Well Wasted. The song features 

harmony vocals from Dolly Parton.)

Words to ponder from W. Alan:

    "Your timeless tales of heaven, hell, punishment and damnation 

are actually age old,  worn out  myths handed down through 

the generations by people of various cultures, beliefs and 

superstitions and bear very little resemblance to the true facts. 

They do provide fodder for threats and intimidation by 

unscrupulous clergy eager to relieve you of your money 

by offering indulgences and salvation. By the way, while I am 

thinking of it, God could give not one whit if you tithe or not. 

Actually money has little value where God is, and there are no 

7-11 stores on every corner.

       "Now back to death. The definition of the word "death" should 

be changed and the lingering effect of the word itself, makes 

it extremely difficult to  get beyond that meaning and into the 

real truths behind death. The dictionary describes death as; 

annihilation, eradication, termination, cessation, destruction 

and many more very inappropriate descriptive words and 

so we have to deal with these distortions.

      "Death simply is not death as you know it, and it has absolutely

 nothing to do with the annihilation or termination or with any 

of the other words that portray any kind of ending of 

consciousness. There is an ending for all living physical 

bodies, that having something to do mainly with a diminishing 

energy available to the human form from the entity/soul. 

I have said before that matter itself does not age, because it 

just isn't around long enough to age, so the physical body 

does not age because of some inherent defect in the matter 

itself or because the cells get old.  Even your scientists know 

that cells themselves have a very short lifetime and they 

don't fall off because they get old, they fall off of your body 

because the creative energy behind them falters and fails, 

but they are replaced by other cells, retaining the exact 

same cellular memory as the previous cell they replace.

      "What you perceive as an ending is not an ending, but a limitation 

of your perceptive ability which cannot  follow the transition 

that takes place when the dying consciousness leaves the 

physical form behind and transitions into another dimension 

beyond where your senses can follow.  Dying is usually a 

gradual  process and there is NO precise point in time where 

you can say that someone actually died although it may 

seem to you that you can pinpoint the exact moment of 

death. Actual death or exit from the physical plane is never a 

surprise to the one doing the dying, as the place and hour of 

death has long been known to the inner self, but of course 

not made known to the ego consciousness for obvious 

reasons. The method of death may change, but the advance 

knowledge does not.

      "Now, as you know, I often use the dream state as a handy 

analogy since it is something that you are intimately 

connected with, so lets try another one. When you sleep 

and dream, you travel great distances and visit many

strange lands and worlds. While you are dreaming, you can 

just as easily be living your dream experience in ancient 

Rome, pre-history Atlantis or yesterday in Des Moines Iowa. 

I think all will agree that you are very alive in your dreams, 

but because the usual AWAKE YOU is then sleeping, your 

dreams seem rather chaotic and discombobulated and 

because you cannot control your dreams to any great extent 

at this time, you tend to think they are usually meaningless 

fantasies. Since the dream world does not recognize time 

and space as you do, there is a disconnect when you try 

to make sense of some dreams upon waking.

"You also continue to exist as your dreaming self when you 

are awake and your dreaming self goes merrily on its way, 

charting its own future and has complete independence from 

the awake you in his own universe of existence. Of course 

you are  another portion of your dreaming self, but at this point 

in your evolutionary development, you must concentrate your 

attention on one or the other. You are evolving in the direction 

of greater awareness and being able to be aware of both your 

awake self and your dreaming self simultaneously and that is 

             a natural characteristic of consciousness.                         

"This infers that your dreaming self exists on its own plane of

 development whether or not you are paying attention and 

that is the case. Your awake consciousness dips in and 

out of a continuing dream world that is just as  vivid, 

concrete and experiential as your own, the difference being 

that "dream world" constructions are put to together using 

molecules in a different way.  In other words, your dreaming 

self experiences its world in a meaningful way just as you 

experience yours and the dream world is no less in quality 

in any way and to the dreaming self, there is purpose, order 

and duration and there is no apparent chaos.

  "Now here is something that is hard to grasp at first; the dream

    world has expanse and duration of its own kind, but it doesn't 

    require space or time as you know it. The vast distances that 

you travel in your dream experiences take place in the 

  confines of your bedroom but that does not make them any 

    less in psychological depth. Even though you can experience 

   years in a matter of minutes in your dreams, the experience 

is no less satisfying. To you, the dream body has no 

substance, but of course, to the dreaming self the 

    materialization of its body is quite as real as your own, even 

though its materialization is somewhat different as to 

molecular structure.

        "The dream world and dream universe are not your universe 

        but it is still intimately involved in the materialization of objects 

    and events in your world and if it did not exist, neither could 

    your physical universe exist as you know it. So, in terms of 

    distance, you could say that the dream universe, though not 

    your universe, is very close, adjacent to your universe and the 

   distance experienced in the dream world is a psychological 

quality very close to experiencing "depth or quality of 

satisfaction" interpreted as distance or space in the 

physical world.

  "The reason I went into the dream world at this time was 

to draw a  comparison between the dreaming self, the 

dream identity (you) and the recently dead personality 

(also you). "There are many similarities between the dreaming 

you and the dead you, the main one being that the dead you 

is just as alive as the dreaming you, and in somewhat the 

same kind of bodily form that has been called the astral body. 

This is often very disconcerting to the recently passed 

personality as the transition process is so smooth and 

seamless, and the new body so similar to the previous body 

that  he or she does not even realize that they have died. 

Of course the body is not the same, but it appears so and 

the personality soon learns that there are fewer limitations 

to this new body than to the previous physically constructed 

form. Your new body will have eyes though you will not need 

them to see. Your new body after death will have a mouth, 

although you will not use it to eat or to speak. You will soon 

realize communication is instantaneous through telepathy 

although a bit awkward at first as they learn to use their 

new skills.

     "Now, as to where you actually go when you die. This is 

again, one of those questions that makes me so aware of 

my limitations and frustrations in trying to explain something 

that I know, but must struggle to explain to others with 

words that just never seem to be adequate. As I said when 

describing the dreaming self and the dream universe, 

they seem to be limitless in scope, miles and miles 

stretching out endlessly, but all contained in the limited 

space of your immediate surroundings. Past eras of time 

seem to extend backward into ancient civilizations, although 

this all expands endlessly within your own bedroom, and 

they are as real in psychological fact as is your universe.

      "In a similar way, when you die, you transition to another

 plane/dimension that in a way is as close to physical earth 

as the dream universe, the recently passed personality 

being able to still see and observe their loved ones still 

alive on earth. Unfortunately this ability is limited to a one 

way sort of observance, as the ones still alive on earth 

cannot communicate with them in the same way. But there 

is another reason why communication is not easy between 

the departed and those left behind and that is not so easy 

to explain. But as usual, I will try.

     "I have said that the recently passed personality can still "see' 

you and what you are doing in the physical world for some 

time after death, just as he/she hovering above, can still 

observe their previous, now dead body lying on the hospital 

bed. The dream universe is in a way a parallel universe 

adjacent to yours and is a fully functioning universe offering 

its inhabitants similar opportunities for advancement, 

challenges and opportunities for development under its own 

set of rules, but this is not the case after death. The after death 

plane is a more limited plane and for the recently dead, this 

could best be described as a stopover, even though in your terms, 

it may be a long stop over. This is a plane dedicated to rest, 

recuperation, observation, understanding, learning 

and decision making.

      "The reason that communication is difficult between the survivor

 personality and the living human in the physical system, is 

that this plane, which is a transition plane only, is in terms 

of psychological depth and distance, very, very far away 

from the physical system. This is the difficult part in the telling 

because, at first, the surviving personality hovers around the 

physical earth system, not fully realizing that he/she has died 

and again, in terms of distance, remains close, but as the 

realization sinks in, he/she finally accepts the fact of their 

death and fully moves into the transition plane. In terms of 

distance (which does not really exist), but in terms of 

"psychological" distance, is far removed from the earth plane, 

but still exists simultaneously in the same time and space 

continuum as your earth, so here we must talk of distance 

that is great, but does not really exist in functional reality.

     "The purpose of this transitional plane is essentially a place of

 relaxation for a personality who, may have just emerged 

from a very trying lifetime and in need of rest and relaxation.

 Consciousness needs rest as does the human physical form. 

This is a place for looking back at the previous life to see 

where adjustments can be made, to analyze past mistakes, to 

revisit them if necessary and to relive them again in need be. 

This is the place where the surviving personality meets its 

other probable selves who may or may not also be available 

between lives. This is the place where the survivor personality 

meets its entity/soul and learns more about its continuing 

purpose. This is the place where future plans are made for 

the next lifetime, where in a very true sense, worlds are 

selected for the next lifetime that will offer the best opportunity 

for the kind of development that the personality and 

entity decide is needed.

      "This is the time and place for learning and there are teachers 

who will help and aid those who are still clueless and are in 

kindergarten so to speak and also those who will advance 

out of the physical system entirely. The clueless will learn 

and evolve as no one stays ignorant forever, some are just 

slow learners and evolve at a snails pace. All will eventually, 

learning about their true situation and available options,  

make decisions here about their next lifetime.

      "It is important to remember, this is a plane dedicated to 

transition survivor personalities and it is not intended to be a 

plane offering a full system of probabilities and potential 

experience, but a place of  reconstituting the spirit and 

reinvigorating the depleted desire for new life experience. 

So finally, I hope you can see why I flounder sometimes 

trying to explain something that is true in one sense, but 

untrue in another. When you die, you will at least at first, be 

as close as the kitchen sink, but pretty much unable to 

communicate with those that you can still clearly observe. 

How frustrating is that?

     "In other words, as a spirit, (and I hate that word), you are still

 somewhat in the same space as earth itself, but moving in 

the direction of a deeper involvement in a psychic reality 

that will take you light years into another transitory plane, 

but still in the same physical neighborhood as earth if you 

must speak in terms of distance. Far away, but close, and 

with time, this psychological distance increases and difficulty 

of communication with personalities still alive in the earth 

system becomes even more problematic as this 

psychological depth increases. When the survival personality, 

in concert with his soul/entity, finally makes a decision about 

the next future life and is born into another lifetime, any 

communication becomes practically impossible.

     "Let me try another tack here. It could be truly said that all worlds, 

all planes, all dimensions and all universes could fit on the 

head of a pin. They simply do not take up any space, so 

all are in one small space that is expansive beyond anything 

you or I could now understand, and there is no lack of 

room for more universes which are constantly being added 

to the mix. Think about this, how many thoughts or ideas 

could fit into your morning coffee cup? To illustrate this 

another way, imagine the most complicated, expansive, all 

inclusive dream that you have ever had, and it will not 

surprise you in the least when I tell you that all of its actions, 

experiences, travels, loves, tragedies and consecutive years 

would also fit comfortably on the head of a pin.

  "In a far grander scope, imagine that "Everything that Is" is a 

very real dream of "All That Is" (God) that gradually over 

eons of time, began to imagine significance in form, 

coalescing, coagulating into something that could, through 

the future development of precisely tuned physical senses, 

be perceived as a solid universe."

W. Allan


On this level everything consists of information and energy. 

The material world is a subset of this quantum world, and is demonstrated 

in Einstein's remarkable equation E=MC2. Energy equals mass times 

the speed of light, squared. Matter is made up of molecules, which in turn 

are comprised of smaller units called atoms.The latest research now shows 

that even atoms are made up of smaller particles called quarks, and 

that these quarks have no solidity at all. Scientists, in their unceasing 

exploration of ever finer and subtler states of energy, are even beginning 

to speculate about 'unveiling' the so-called God particle! It turns out 

that the more physicists explore smaller and smaller units of mass/energy, 

the more relative space there is between the things that make up the basic 

stuff of the universe. It now appears that the universe is almost entirely 

empty space, punctuated here and there by bits of things we call quanta, 

and the collections of quanta that go on to make up atoms and molecules...

It is the frequency of motion that gives us the illusion of things being solid. 

On a quantum level, where we deal with the speed of light, the effect 

is easily explained... Movies are, in reality, just pictures, and when you 

run them at a certain speed they give you the illusion of moving.

In reality these two domains葉he physical domain and the quantum 

domain預re not different at all, they are just perceived differently by us. 

It is our consciousness that creates the illusion of a solid world. If you 

had quantum eyes you could actually see that everything merges into 

everything.  Everything interacts with everything else in this 

floating world of quantum reality.

-Thomas Herold adopted from Deepak Chopra

Kabir says:

"You have died and you will die,

the drums of death pound.

Like a dream-lover, the world fades.

One sign remains ~ a sound.

Windhorse says:

The Sound remains...the Impulse that again engenders Life...

"First there was the Word."

First was a vibration, an impulse that became the sound; the Word.

The sign remains ~ a sound... 

attesting that Life continues a new downbeat!

The following wisdom of Palo Emptyhorse is

greatly appreciated:


what happens

in this thing called dying,

outside the crying

from mourners at a wake

drunken sorrow

to ignore their fate?

Four Great Elements

is all to make

Earth; the solid condition

Water; fluid in expression

Fire; heat and fusion

Wind; movement

Form痴 consciousness

is the gross norm

the standard perception

Water is softer

whose conscience is like a sneeze

Fire痴 consciousness

more subtle

like feinting in a breeze

Awareness of Wind

is barely there;

consciousness so refined

that the ego, the self

is defined as bare

Id now gone

as wind dissipates

into light;

gentle yellow

to moon white

to orange red mellow

this ether

to crystal black clarity

where all is neither.

Palo Emptyhorse

September 27, 2009

"To laugh often and much, to win the respect of 
intelligent people and the affection of children; 
to earn the appreciation of honest critics and 
endure the betrayal of false friends; to 
appreciate beauty, to find the best in others; to 
leave the world a bit better, whether by a
healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed 
social condition; to know even one life has 
breathed easier because you lived. This is to 
have succeeded."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

May all pass gently...and see the Light

May all Sentient Beings attain Consciousness.

"Breathe in me...deep

That I might breathe...and live

And hold me close that I might sleep

Soft held by all you give


Com kiss me, wind, and take my breath

Till you and I are one

And we will dance among the tombs

Until all death is gone


And no one knows that we exist

Wrapped in each other's arms

Except the One who blew the breath

That hides me safe from harm


Come kiss me, wind, and take my breath

Till you and I are one

And we will dance among the tombs

Until all death is gone.


page 235 The Shack

It was a timely read for me...with much to think about 

regarding all of Life's phases.

I am standing on the sea shore.
A ship at my side spreads her
white sails in the morning breeze
and starts for the blue ocean.
She is an object of beauty and I
stand and watch her until at last
she fades on the horizon.
Then someone at my side says
There, she has gone -
Gone where?
Gone from my sight - that is all
She is just as large in the mast,
hull and spars as she was
when she left my side....
The diminished size
and total loss of sight
is in me and not in her,
and just at the moment when
someone by my side says
"She is gone"
others take up the glad shout
"There she comes"

Parable of Immortality by Henry van Dyke

Chi coltrane

Music sheet

Go like Elijah

Someday my time will come.

When that will be, I do not know

I only know that when I have to go.

Yeah, when I go I wanna go

Just let me go Lord, when I go

Yeah, when I go Lord, let me go

Just let me go like Elijah when I go

I want to rise right up into the sky

And ride white horses with fiery eyes

Lord for my sins I apologize

Just let me go Lord when I go

When my time comes for me to go

Just let me go like Elijah when I go

I don't want no tombstone above my head

And I don't want no pinebox for my bed

And I don't want anyone to say I'm dead.

I don't want no one cryin'

Or feelin' sad

Or standin' in the rain without their hat

I wanna go up happy Imagine that

Yeah, when I go I wanna go

Just let me go -有ord, when I go,

Yeah, when I go Lord, let me go

Just let me go like Elijah when I go

I want to rise right up into the sky

And ride white horses with fiery eyes

Lord for my sins I apologize

Just let me go Lord when I go

When my time comes for me to go

Just let me go like Elijah when I go...


Reverend Irene Windhorse

Creating personal Memorials to honor a Loved One's Life; 

to mend the Circle felt as broken...reopen the Archives of 

memories:  of success, joys, accomplishments, endurance 

...and restitch the cloak of Gladness surrounding relationships.

Light a candle for your loved one.

Light A Candle  

When it asks you for a "group" just put in "W1" (W one, not I)

and we will be able to see each others' candles and prayers.


The Flower of Life simply folds, unfolds, 

and turns back upon itself to fold and unfold again.

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