Morning Rise

That time before dawn; and including dawn...when Night transitions into Day.  The most Yang of Yang in the sense that it holds, as a seed; all the Vitality of the day...Sun is about to rise; and rise...its own Yang energy coaxing your gladly open petals and leaves that had embraced themselves against the darkness; now they cannot bear not to peek at the sun.

Vitality!!  Creation's essence of Action, Joy, Industriousness!!

Yes, the strange looking Teacher stands at the Orb-lit stairway...s/he shows you how your hands can manifest Light...He is frightening.  He is a portend of one who demands of one Commitment; Sincerity, Willingness to stride Justly, Vibrantly, Courageously, to the End of the Stair Path...and have energy enough left to walk back at the end of the day.  He will want you to Complete My/Your Quest.   If I/you turn back, he will wave me/you on and never look back.  It is me/you that refuses the Touch of Creator Himself; Showing the Way personally...and loses it; or, falling in step with Rising Yang, I/You assist Morning Rise along with Birds, Insects, Neighborhood Dogs, Chickens...Wolves...Children giggling and calling for Mother...Mother coming to care for them...Yang.  Action.  Responsibility.

The Day Rises into Morning; whether one, or one hundred or every last Being upon this Earth pay attention.  It does, however, in every case...give it's Ultimate Glow, it's most Ethereal Light, it's most Vital Waking Energy, its Angel Songs and those it conjures out of gently does the first 'tweet' of resident birds emerge, that they only tap but lightly on the shoulder, suggesting you/I awake and arise...and add your/my voice to the Symphony of Vibration into Sound...Sound into Substance.  

We have the ability to complete the Flower of Life!

This is a New Day!!

All of Yesterday, save the vibrations and reverberations of our Choices, Actions, and Gone...

This is a New Day!!

This is the Day the Lord/Goddess has Made;

I will Rejoice in it!!

Creation has given me this Day...what will I make of it?

How Will I Connect to Life in its Totality?  Receiving Life, Emanating Life?

I contemplate Connectedness ~ As Above, So Below ~ All a web; a cluster of fractals all holding the Pattern of All; the Repetition.  Simplicity.

The Eternal Om...Speaking Om, my Being brightens, balances..."I am coming, Sun!  O, Vitality, I run beside you!  All Possibilities are Ours!"  You are Love, as am I...I feel it in your Presence.

Om, Aim, Hrim, Kling...Chamundaiyi, Vichey, Nah Mah

Om, Mani Padme Hum

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