Morning Prayer


I welcome this day

and the Glories great and small,

it has brought to me.

I welcome this day

and the glories great and small

I have brought to it.

I welcome participation of 

every Sentient Being to:

~ appreciate and honor the 

glories of Nature...

it's constant Resurrection,

outpouring of Beauty, Order,

Consistency and Fruition.

~ To focus ~

upon Beauty and Grace,

enlivening them 

in self and the world.

May every 

Sentient Being strive to be 

Glorious for the 

Benefit of Earth's Balance 

and Balance of

All Life upon it...

for the joy and continuation of

Glory itself!

From mud...chaos...

secret, hidden troves

Upward reaching, 

Sight connecting;

Higher to lower 

and back again,

We see and are seen 

by Glory.

True, that 

"God don't make no junk!

As I recall the 

Diamond Intent

Creator had when people 

were created...As 

I recall how we each can

 attain brilliance of a diamond;

tempre of a Paiste gong;

Joy of a giggling child...

I see the crystal orb~

all I need do is 

appreciate it into "existence."

The first two stanzas of the 

prayer were perceived and 

embraced 10-12 years ago, 

and the Invitation to 

All Sentient Beings

 to reach for their 

highest Aspirations;

Achieve Dreams, 

Perform Miracles...

was written today, 

upon creation of this webpage:

 Saturday, March 26, 2011

(updated March 29, 2011)


Unfortunately I cannot read the web address from the 

website where this perfect suggestion came from.  I 

will get out my magnifying glass, though, and 

give due credit as I find it...feel free to alert 

me if you discover this~I found it on FaceBook.

Beautiful Lotus...

I am another You; You are another Me!!


Windhorse Weddings

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Blessing a New Life ...Your Baby

Windhorse Medicine Ways 

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◊❤ _/♥\_۞ Tashi Delek! :) ۞ஜ_/♥\_❤ஜ ◊
╚═════════ ღ❤ღೋ ═════════╝

Tibetan Year 2138 be auspicious for all beings!


May I be a lamp unto Self and Others.

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