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With Auriel Lady Falcon and Whinnyfred

trusty 1959 Airstream "Silver Bullet" and good ole GMC Yukon

For the past three weeks Auriel, Whinnyfred and I have been down and up the Eastern Seaboard.  Miss Angel Lala initiated our trip, and made it a fresh, interesting and new experience.   She was always ready to jump into the driver's seat!  hehe

Lala is a Queen of a dog, and she now resides with a wonderful family in Florida.  Here, she's asking, "When is this ride going to be over???  I thought we were going to the beach or visiting Girl and her friends?"

After her new people picked her up, I caught my breath then left Daytona and started North.  It's never easy...I'm still in my learning stages of how to navigate with a bundle hitched on to my car!  Getting out and doing it is the only Teacher, though.


So up the coast aways, and back and forth a bit, and we (now only Auriel, Whinnyfred and I) settled on a beachside rest...and I can't wait to go back!