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The World Tree

I begin with this image even though the mythic Yggdrasil is male.  For, as well as being rather a Father figure, Yggdrasil is an Angel that holds Earth securely in the Heavens.  The winged aspect reminds me that Earth moves through the universe; is not glued to one location, as we would think of a tree.

Over the years I've been surprised at how few people have heard of "Yggdrasil, or Ygdrasild" a symbol for the World Tree; an attempt by early Scandanavians at expressing the way that the Universe cradles the Earth, feeds Earth from it's Roots, providing constant renewal; shelters Her in His Arms and Canopy.  These days as people en masse are becoming more aware that they are not the focus of and locus of Creation, pictures of trees resembling people and depicting the World Tree are flooding the web.

Houses have actually been built in trees...and many Redwoods are actually large enough to BE houses!  Imagining Earth settled into a tree canopy, though?  It does take a stretch of the imagination, yet it conjoins the Oneness of this Web of Life scientists are proving now.

The girth of these trees fuels my imagination, even as they thrill my aesthetic senses!

By creating this page, as all my others...I wish to enliven the glory of Basic Goodness in our minds toward the intricate and phenomenal Universe.  It's now Time more than ever for humans to realize they ARE the Universe...we ARE the Earth...we ARE the Web of Life; and whatever we do to one strand of that web is felt and reflected in the whole the Hundredth Monkey phenomena; the flapping of one butterfly's wings!  Consider the web of tiny roots that can span for miles from mushrooms...who would have thought that mushrooms might play a part in holding earth in place?  It has been found to be so!

Yggdrasil as the World Tree reflects the As Above, So Below...


Earth religions have always recognized the Green Man as key to Earth's and human survival.

Honor Trees!  Interact with them!  I am so saddened to see big nails hammered into trees for signs to hang on, or clotheslines or hammocks.  Somewhere I have a photo of a sign nailed to a tree speaking about respecting the environment...People!! Ya gotta love 'em!  I often wonder if the person who nailed that sign up, wounding the tree...ever came to realize the irony of that act??



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