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AROMATHERAPY amazing Blessing from Nature

What is it, really?  I personally find it to be an agent of shifting conditions and circumstances.  Pure products can be ingested, put on the body and infused into the air.  My sense is that to have all these qualities of the essence in my life is a great leap toward wholism.  Therefore, I use medicinal grade aromatic essences from plants, flowers and trees to effect relaxation and deep healing and transformation through massage and visualizations.  Simply the aroma starts change in me!  Aromatic Essences are the very Spirit of the plant.  A fine medicinal grade, when ingested or applied to the skin is carried through the adipose (fat) cells in our body to balance organs and energy flows.  I use various ones as appropriate in ceremony also.  I have personally experienced the power of these essences to knock a virus out of my system without pharmaceuticals.  I purify the air in my home without harmful chemicals, and wear protective Devas.

I have Wisdom of the Earth Essences for sale.  Attend an Open House and experience exquisite fragrances that have medicinal properties.  Expand your possibilites for optimal health and learn how Aromatherapy can change and enhance your life.  Please email for scheduling.  These events are free of charge.


(Windhorse:  Basic Goodness...that is my Intent)

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Isn't Malibu, California Big Medicine!
  Isn't any arbor of flowers, or one single flower or plant, Medicine!
I've created this page to tell you about Aromatherapy and to introduce the marvelous, carefully created Medicinal Grade Essences of plants, flowers and trees that I use in my Aromamassage and Aroma Meditations, and for my every day health, healing and pleasure.  
I am a proud Independent Distributor for Wisdom of the Earth.  
Please feel free to call me (516-361-2545) for information and pricing, or to schedule an Aromatherapy Session, where you will experience their healing capabilities and fragrances first hand!.
The amazing Blue Lotus Essence is an enormously transformative experience!
My Teacher, Barry Kapp, has practiced Aromatherapy literally all his life at some level.  His Aromatherapy practice and overseeing of Essences he uses have a 30-year history.  Barry's business partner, Audre Wenzler, made the phenomenal quantum leap from the corporate world into Wholistic Healing, and she is also a Reiki II Practitioner.
Since his marriage to Cynthia in 2006, Cynthia brings her expertise to the business as well.
Aside from the wonderful quality of the essences, I appreciate the cleanliness and sacred tone of their facility, and the fact that they have vowed to remain a small business that can stay in control of the products they offer.  The owners and staff know every grower, wildcrafter and distiller that produces these edible essences.  They are hand-poured, with Focus, Intent and Prayer!

Spirit introduced me to both Barry and Audre on my first trip to Sedona, Arizona in 2001.  
I suffered a terrible injury to my eye.  
My first day's attendance at the Prophets Conference was missed, as I regrouped my confidence as to how to care for myself out in the boonies, (almost)...where I love to be; and never am I wont to race to allopathic dispensers.  I reminded myself that the body is a self-healing organism, and I dipped into my Medicine Bag for a Traditional Chinese Remedy I'm never without, called Wan Hua Oil.  This I applied on the wound and just rested the day out and cooked my food in camp.  After an exhausting day before that, travelling from Colorado to southern Arizona, crossing the desert, it was the best I could do.  These days there's a completed road and places to stop along the way...a bittersweet improvement, in my opinion.  At that time it was a literal crossing of the desert...the road was being constructed, and seemed as an almost indiscernible path through sand.  The construction added to the stress of the trip, stopping traffic and holding us for an hour in the blazing heat.

Next morning I mustered up and set my embarrassment aside for the scary appearance I was projecting, dressed for the world and attended the conference.  There I met a man, Astarius, who heals with sound; specifically the Dididjeroo.  
Lo, I was ready for healing of all sorts...for in addition to the actual physical desert, I had just crossed the desert of my Soul's Journey and arrived in a Land of Discovery.  Spirit had arranged to bring me closer to Aromatherapy as I'd wished for some time to do.  Astarius blew his incredible instrument, chanted for me and got a message:  HYSSOP!  "Go and visit the booth for Wisdom of the Earth, he told me, and ask for Hyssop.  I did, and to make the long story less detailed, I took Helichrysm, Carrot Seed and Hyssop Essences away with me.  Never before had I thought of putting Essential 'Oils' (not oils, Barry will remind us...essences.) on wounds, nor for using prophyllactically....they were beautiful fragrances I knew to assist Psyche and Spirit, and I associated ingestion of Oregano and the like with Herbology, not Aromatherapy.  Wisdom of the Earth's Essences can be ingested, I was to learn...and here, I'd like to note that many including myself believe that our difficulties; physical and emotional, begin in the Astral Realm; thereby validating another reason why aroma, and the Spirit, or Essence, heals.

Well, I used the Devas of the three magnificent plants and today I have no scars!  I also had my first Aromamassage before I left to return home, and that sealed my Intention!  Here was the Teacher I'd been seeking for my studies and Certification in Aromatherapy.  
I'm glad I chose Barry, Audre and Cynthia.  They are complete in their teachings and provide meetings with Earth and Ancestors.  Here are bowls once used for grinding food.  I have achieved the Level II Certification with Wisdom of the Earth, and continue to audit classes whenever I can.  If and when the planned Master Class is added, I'll be there!
We were privileged to have a very Sacred Sweat in a Lodge kept by a young Native American couple.
There is more to aromatherapy than pouring fragrance out of a bottle.  It provides a new understanding and bonding with Earth and Nature.  Herbal medicine uses the plants in ground-up, cooked, or infused forms.  Aromatherapy extracts the Essence; the Spirit and Etheric energy of plants and trees while keeping the fragrance intact.  Other flower remedies coax the ethereal spirit out by the sun's rays (ie Bach remedies) and they are used as drops under the tongue.  Aromatherapy nurtures the senses as it sends its qualities through skin and adipose tissue or through the digestive tract.  Please be cautious!  Not every Essential "Oil" is pure.  Most are blended into carrier oils and should not be ingested.  Look for a Medicinal, edible grade.
Know too, that various scents affect certain chakras, or energy vortices of our body and various parts of the emotional body.  Just as the body's energy centers are affected by spinal subluxations and tight muscles, a particular aroma or another can help open or relax the area, initiating further healing.  Various parts of the brain are affected by the smell and chemical composition.
Argyreia Nervousa; 
it's name indicates it's healing quality for the nerves
Creosote's tiny leaves are used for a myriad of healing tasks.  I've come to love the pungent smell, 
and the sight of it abloom with it's tiny yellow flowers is incredible.
 No gardener is needed to bring beauty to Nature.

I look forward to assisting your experience of the wondrous healing powers of Nature's Devas of Trees, Plants and Flowers.  Unabashedly, I believe I 'stumbled' upon the best, most carefully tended and distilled Plant Essences available.  There are no accidents...even when there's an accident!
Herbs in rain in the Redwoods
Nature replaces, repairs, restores

Plants and trees support bees and other insects that return the favor.  

You can easily protect yourself from bites from insects by wearing's a strong one; dogs and cats love it!  They will gladly roll around in a patch of the growing plant, as it is a flea repellant.  You'll likely recognize it as a very popular base tone for modern perfumes.

Pennyroyal, is another flea repellent..and it can be applied to the neck of your animal because we 

wouldn't want them to lick that one.

2 drops of Eucalyptus added to 1 teaspoon of Sweet Almond Oil will help skin wounds to heal.

For chest and throat congestion, add 2 drops Eucalyptus and 2 drops Lavender to 4 drops each of Almond and Grapeseed Carrier Oils.  (By adding your own carrier oil, you insure that it is fresh; not rancid oil...make limited quantities at a time so that you will always use them in a fresh state.)

Mix it well and apply to chest and throat 3-4 times a day.

(Or apply them neat, as I do...layering Eucalyptus over the Lavendar after 2 minutes or so.  

Do a skin patch to insure that you are not sensitive to it)

Here is the Mangosteen fruit; another boon to humanity.  We need to get it in its fresh state into the mainstream!  Any ideas?  This is not part of the Aromatherapy pantheon, but it's delicious and healing.  The Plant and Tree Kingdom finds joy in providing us with food and medicine all in one!  I couldn't resist putting the gorgeous pictures of Mangosteen and Cherry Tree here.

We need to increase the Eye Candy quotient all about is food for the Spirit and Physiology!


What is the Future of Aromatherapy in Medicine?

Level II Aromatherapy Dissertation

November, 2005

The woodsy fragrance of Guiac, overlayed with Magnolia and heady Jasmine and neutral Hyssop.  Balsam Gurjun marches in to mobilize everyone, Angelica makes the wearer cry from her sheer illusive scent; or so it seems.  Angelica does settle the emotions of our Child's Heart; the Inner Child.  Champaca and Hazel Nut Oil feather their way into the consciousness of everyone about.  I ask myself as I ascend the I walking into the scents I've put on?  Is the little wind of my movement stirring up the luscious smell?  Even more than knowing the answer, I'm grateful for the phenomena.  I'm getting medicine every time it happens.  My whole Being is being fed, at every level of my physical and esoteric physiology.  So, how can I try to deny what I feel so strongly?  I sense that the use of Essences will find the way into main stream Medicine...indeed, they have, even if secretly for so many years.

California Poppy, Leatherwood Bushes and Datura/Nicotinocia

When the question was first posited, I thought I'd not be able to write about the future of something so acceptable to many and so mysterious and taboo to the majority of others?  I was first overwhelmed with the sense of sadness telling me that the delicate and metaphysical (call it quantum physics) benefits would never be explainable; let alone accepted.  Reading about various aspects, however, my excitement rose in favor of making a good stand for my conviction. 

I must add, for it is my mission and responsibility:  a reminder that it always takes the support of many for something good to last, and to become recognized for its values.  It is well-considered that if our natural resources are not honored with conservation, we stand to lose our Nature as well.  Once a species of animal or plantlife is eradicated, it's special qualities exist no more.  We do well to value and preserve every medicine Creator has provided.  Humanity's track record doesn't match Creator's pantheon of Miracles.  


The three species of Cacti below will surprise you in the seemingly barren desert...they care not whether someone is there to see their magnificence.  They just do what they do...and I've been a lucky one to happen upon their Miracle, to be shown that Life is everywhere.

We are a lazy species...running to doctors at every turn.  Aromatherapy is such a sweet way to begin taking back one's power.  Aromatherapy makes it luscious!  We begin to take notice of the qualities of the Devas (the spirits of the plants and their aromas) and how they actually activate various functions in the body, just by their smell, the vibratory rate, chemical composition, and other minute nuances that synergize to integrate our Being and Nature, our wholeness of body, mind and emotion.

[my dissertation continues...I will add more as time permits]

Aromatherapists Level II !!

Pink Lotus abloom in Arkansas!  What a lovely surprise to find it in the campsite we chose.

Consider the riches awaiting at the roots of a tree...firstly, they may be medicine in themselves.  They harbor all kinds of other plants, and mushrooms which can be healing.
Their beauty is aesthetic medicine!
Consider the tenacity...willingness for Life...the long existence of trees like this.  
They are exemplary of the patience and ability to endure and act as witness.  They reach deeply to anchor themselves and secure the nutrition they need.  When moisture comes, they are attentive to drawing in what they can.  Surely they deserve our respect and protection.  Without them, other forms of life, including you and I, will be gasping for oxygen. They are key in the evaporation and return of water to this Earth.  Their canopies provide shelter, food, and travel-ways to birds and animals, and shade for all life beneath.
What greater glory than Lavender Fields?

Aromatherapy, however, can connect you to the Beloved in yourself...many other systems as well, and I say work at an imbalance from "all angles."


I'm also an Ordained Minister.  
I love working with people who have a sense of Spirituality that urges them on to be the Cocreators/Creators of their Ceremony, and most importantly, of the Treasure of their precious Lives.  I use the same creative approach for all ceremonies, including Weddings.
I am a Reiki Master.  A Reiki Healer becomes a channel for the Universal Healing Energy that surrounds and permeates everything.  A Reiki Practitioner is not giving you their energy; we are focusing the benevolent energy of Universal Love toward you, renewing your alignment with/to it.

White Tara Blessings

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With Love to You Loving Hearts and Gentle Spirits! 

Reverend Windhorse














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