There are hundreds if not thousands of pages about Reiki, an ancient but fairly newly rediscovered art of healing and prevention.  It is energy healing, transmitted through the hands...and the heart.  The Reiki practitioner becomes a channel for the healing energy of the Universe, which I believe is just how Jesus healed.

The word means life energy; unconditional love; compassion.  It is an egoless practice.

The practitioner is not performing a miracle for you; s/he is channeling one for you; and you and your higher spirit choose to accept it or not.

"So Chiryo (treatment) builds upon Reiji (devotion) and Gasho (meditative posture/attitude).  Only when we can devote ourselves without being prejudiced by our thoughts and feelings, will we become an instrument for the universal life energy."

page 21, The Original Reiki Handbook of Dr. Mikao Usui

William Lee Rand qualifies Reiki as having four qualities:

In general, a practitioner will not direct Reiki toward you unless asked; or if a person is unconscious or the Giver feels they need it, they will ask the Higher Self of the Receiver for permission.

A Reiki transmitter will practice certain precepts as a way of her/his Life, as do Yogis and serious Martial Artists.  These include meditations on the reality of energy and life...stretching the imagination to see beyond egoic limitations; and various practices to keep mental and spiritual focus centralized.  Like a T'ai Chi Master, s/he cultivates the energy center called "hara" or "tanden" in Japanese, "tan t'ien" in Chinese...storing "fuel," if you will...actual Life Energy.

One simple practice suggested by Barbara Ann Brennan in her Hands of Light for opening what she calls the "Acupuncture Lines," or energy pathways is to lie flat on your back with arms at your sides and palms facing upwards.  Place the feet comfortably, slightly apart.  Close the eyes, relax the whole body by focusing on each part of it, one after another, breathing naturally.  While focusing on the breath; in, one out...two in, two out, etc...for five minutes.  Return to the counting if the mind wanders, and if the number is forgotten, just begin at one again.  This process will relax body and mind gradually, and acru as it is repeated day after day.

Hooray!  The Thought Blossoms!

by Wind-in-the Feather

"Question the workings of your universe sauvage,

Your small strange place, your own heart mind.

Then question your questions, for possibility blows kisses,


Fragrant buds ofunderstanding

On tidbits, windswept,

Rorschach-nodes in grand sand paintings.


Not just to scholars trusted, then refined

Those wistful concept-shoots.

No!  They consort everywhere!


See how questers spying,

Uncover hidden realms; inner climes.

They, naked in the brilliant glare of individuality,


Waltz with viewpoints homespun, thus are less inclined

To be at ease and free

Within life's pregnant dance.


Still, well-fated, and trusting some to chance,

They lightly sip sweet potion seedlings,

Then drink the real idea-bleedings--


Life lyrics, hot-wrenched, sucked, without concession,

From the fertile brew of cosmic questions,

Where concepts, sumptuous essentials,


Wet-soaked in the soil of all potential, sprout...

as harvests of well-won wisdom strands 'n meanings,

In great, streaming patches of exuberant Thought Blossoms!"

~Wind-in-the Feather

As Reiki floods through a practitioner's hands, the life force circulates through the channels of energy traversing our body's pathways. Chakras, centers of concentrated energy in our body, rotate and keep a balance of flow throughout the system.  If we've had some sort of trauma, they may become blocked, sluggish, or even begin turning in a reverse direction.  Our lifestyle choices will affect the Chakras and our entire physiology.  Reiki naturally brings reunion and balance to the vital vortices.

Reiki, being the very essence of what we are, travels to where it is needed...that is why a Reiki practitioner's Intent is for your healing in whatever way you need it.  If you present with a particular problem, it is addressed in prescribed ways, while always remembering that the Life needs of an individual are entwined in their full Purpose as a Spiritual Being.  Focus is not kept on problems, but on being free in all ways.



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