My  Grandboy!!


As we know, America was built by Entrepreneurs...people who struck out and did something different; all on their own.  I don't know all the life circumstances and motivations that brought him to it, but I'm so proud of Frank, my Grandson, who started his own business as a licensed Arborist and Landscaper.

Like his Father, he seems to have been born to operate huge machines and scale great heights.  He knew the names and functions of the big machines as a wee boy, and always wanted to be around the real thing.   His focus would hold fast to those machines!  So now he gets to "play" while he works!

Actually, as a very young boy of around five years old, he had the gumption to sell items given him by Elders in business...assisted by his Dad (who I'm also incredibly proud of), he had set up a whole store in the basement, to display his wares.  We family, and neighbors, bought many good things from him!

He's an experienced Business Man who continues to astound me with his skills both organizationally and in the field!

Northern Landscaping is versatile in their service to your community...with expert beautification and landscaping maintenance and storm assistance.
"All of our arborists are on hand with our spikes sharp, saws gassed up awaiting your call.
"We accept credit cards in field & offer cash discounts.
"We offer 24hour emergency response for any damage to houses. Please call from 5am- 10 pm for normal storm tree Removal.
Our staff is here to help with any storm preparation or damage (boarding tree damage ect)
Wishing everyone safety during this Hurricane Season!"

Northern Landscaping extends their Tree Work services to north, south, east, west and central Long Island;  Queens County, and also into Upstate New York for commercial jobs.

I tax his patience with my photo taking, but he's a good sport!  Can't miss those photo ops!   We secretly met at Cici's house to look over the pruning work needed...he wanted to surprise his Grandad, and boy did he!!  lol...a good surprise!  We all expected him to be there during the job, but he was out fishing with Son-in-Law Paul.  Cici said, "Somebody cut my tree..."  I was laughing .. I had been bursting with the news, and waiting for him to discover it.  "I'm thrilled!" he said, after noticing that the trees long in need of attention had been cleaned up, made safe and we can now see the front of his house!!  Methinks Cici will save some money on heating bills this winter, now that the sun can do some of the work.

Just getting started...

The little knobs will be cleaned up later; they are the safety steps used during the process.

Higher still, and I'm so glad he was able to leave that beautiful Redwood Pine standing after all!

Like any other craft, many safety and convenience factors have been invented, and Frank makes good use of them.




Uh-oh!  Is the help goofin' off?  Lucky thing no one's getting paid!  *smile*...more likely Dad's taking care of some family member or his regular job or a club he belongs to!


I felt Nono Alberto's spirit overseeing; grinning ear to ear, to see his Great-Grandson standing next to the house he built...Frank's Grandfather Cici was but a young boy, helping also...and Yolanda, his wife cleaning up after them.  Nono was a Master Mason, as is Cici, and now Frank our Son and Frank our Grandboy also set stones, pour concrete and build retaining walls too...

It's wonderful to see that our Son is Helper to his Son, just as Cici is for Papa Frank, and just as Papa Frank was for Cici!  Hah!  It gets difficult to describe these things when everyone's name is FRANK!

It's not over till the cleanup's done!  Dad checks his watch ... almost time to get Sarah and bring her to sign up for swimming lessons!

The house Papa Frank is aligned with was built by his Great-Grandfather, Nono Francesco, with the help of then young Nono Alberto.  Sadly, it's no longer in the family...but the wondrous quality of work remains.  Nono Francesco had built many buildings which still stand in his native Sicilia.

"I know this guy since he was a baby!"

Doing a favor for Tony put a smile on everyone's faces; they saved him a half hour or more cutting that tree for him in about 2 minutes!

Packing the truck as full as he could, Frank still had to come back and finish cleaning up after his Dad left.  Grandpa Cici said, "It's clean as a pin!"

Frank's giving me a further education on trees, too...he can tell by just looking at a tree what ailment it has and if it can be saved or not.  You can tell he loves his work, because he never tires of explaining it.  I so appreciate that he takes the time.

Call Frank at 516-633-2737

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