Windhorse Ponders


These days there is much more wisdom about aging, at least among people I know.  More of us are appreciating the Gift of Life over the sparkle of youth.  We begin to see the beauty beheld in Elders...we begin to seek their wisdom and memories, and the unique appearance of older people.  Often I notice the bizzare appearance of those who have undergone surgery and botox in an attempt to capture and hold prisoner the appearance of youth.  While the changes are difficult at times to accept, I see beauty and vitality in these two...the handsome face still beams; the sweetness of the lady still radiates the pixie beauty she was as a young girl.

Our beauty becomes more subtle, but never disappears, in my opinion.  This is well-expressed in Greta's poem:


The Skin You’re in

Greta F Gardner


Learn to love the skin you’re in

Your soft complexion

Your silver grey hair

The worry lines on your forehead

That are always there

Every age spot on your skin is where it’s suppose to be

Every wrinkle you’ve earned

With grace and dignity…


Learn to love the skin you’re in

The battles you will lose

The battles you will win

Your skin tells the story

Of how you’ve lived your life

Etches in your face

Show the toils and strife….


The softness of your hands

Says your days of labor are done

The smile on your face

Is how you should greet each morning sun….  


Learn to love the skin you’re in

The loose skin that you have

Shows that your muscles are in a relaxed state

From years of carrying an overloaded plate


Now’s the time to exhale

And enjoy God's beauty that surrounds you

Love all that is fresh and new

And love your ripened skin too….

by Greta Gardner

I see charm and character...and willingness to be oneself.  I see an example of pride and joy...and a comfort too often denied to Youth, who feel they must look better, be better...and likely that they are never good enough.  What happiness in the freedom to simply BE !!

And what better appearance than that of a beloved Teacher, who hands one the keys to unlocking all the secrets of the world?

And do you, like me...ever marvel at the youthful skin of aboriginal Elders like Willie Gordon?  Can you fathom that lifestyle matters?  That the freedom to know one's roots and respect one's Ancestors...and to have heard one's people's Creation Stories from family and neighbors...and to know that you are considered a very important part of the Life-Giving?

While I continue learning to accept changes in myself, and I do accept my own aging process, I also am striving to create a new paradigm for myself; to better live in cooperation with the Mother, and to pass on ways which are Time-worn and proven~the ways of Elder Brother...of those who live from and cooperate with the Land; the precious Mother Gaia...while I've long understood that She, the Earth Mother, is another me; is my Mother in the greatest sense of the word:  providing home, space, food, water and air for me...I am still learning to unlearn the artificial ways modernity provides, imposes and is becoming more ridiculous about every day.  Living authentically is a challenge for non-aboriginal people.   Cultures of only hundreds of years old think they can dictate to people cultivated over millenia!  I do not think so!  It becomes poinantly clear that wrinkles may have been unknown in indigenous history...and at the least; never noticed as anything but marks of Wisdom; and yes...Vitality!  For to live long requires just that.

With Reverence for All Life,


February 18, 2011