Windhorse Honors the Glamorous


My Mother

Beautiful, intelligent, with lovely handwriting,

skilled in business, a crackerjack speller, a good cook, 

She influenced me toward wanting

to be as learned as she


Mom has that bit o' theWild Woman too...

some sort of Soul Connection to Mae West  

and a host of other  "pistols."  

(including Grandmother; Mom's Mom,

who carried one when she delivered rural mail 

over miles of Massachusetts!)

     Her sharp wit and intellect is cultivated on 

          thousands  of novels read over the years, 

        cross-word puzzles,movies and a mind 

           like a magnet for such trivia as 

                Hollywood's  stars and movies.

                  Ethelyn introduced me to so much beauty 

              and intrigue through vocabulary, and telling me about 

                  books she read or was reading about exotic places and their history.   

               She has an eclectic interest  in books.  

         In my childhood Mom would sit me at the  kitchen 

           table and teach me  my Alphabet, Written Letters, 

             Pronunciation, Punctuation, Numbers  and 

                  Arithmetic.  Well that's what they were  called then.  

                   Mathmetics were for College!   And Mom

                          had studied Higher Mathmetics in High School.

                           Her handwriting excels, and under her 

                              tutelage I was encouraged to form letters 

                               and numbers  carefully.  Every time I  get a compliment 

                                 about my handwriting, the credit must go to Mom!  I had no interest

                        in "working that hard!"  but she tirelessly had me repeat my lessons  till I got it!   

           It's such a pleasure to write and form legible and pretty 

          script or printing, now.  I enjoy it and I owe it to Mom!


                                     I  guess this is where my love of horses began,

                                        when Dad put me on this pony at his Cousin's farm

                                        on Long Island.  How sad it is that most farms have 

                                     gone by the wayside.

                     My Mom showed faith in me when I wanted to sing...

she paid  for voice lessons for me which enriched my vocal skills 

          and provided many covert blessings through her willingness to 

                  further  her child's dreams.  My vocal teacher, 

                   Senor Julio Berrocal, was knowlegable about the spine's 

                     role in creating music.  That opened my eyes to

                          miracles I would later seek to understand. 

                           Without Mom's  help, I'd have missed the

                           opportunity to go to Senor Berrocal.


      Mom has shown me that  the beaten path needs a 

            bit of salting once in awhile.  It gets icy and dangerous.  

               I'm grateful for her open mindedness and respect for life.  

               One of the most  treasured and important lessons  she ever 

                     gave me was, "Irene, no person is better than

                              another!"  I can see how I drew her as a Parent; 

                                   she was before her time in so many ways, as

                                      I have been...much to the chagrin of many, and.

                                 confusion to myself!!


                                        Desiderata is a favorite of Mom's.

                               She had wanted to go to College and become a Teacher.   

      She is a really good Teacher, and 

         I was  a privileged  if not always willing Student!   

The world might well have been a better place with 

                Ethelyn teaching the youth of our nation!

                         Her mind is still sharp at 90 years old.  

                                  After Dad's Grocery and Meat Market was  closed 

                                                   down  with the sale of the building he was in,                                

                                              Mom enrolled in Business School,  learned to 

                                  operate a Comptometer and got a job.  She   

                         was a whiz at it!   And she taught  herself the computer in DOS 

                          operating system, and still 'computes'  ... and texts!

           She has embroidered, crocheted and done needlepoint and 

             other crafts with perfection.  Dad would frame them for 

                 her impeccably.  I'll soon put up pictures of some of them.


                                 Grandma Tootie and her first-and second-born Grands.


                                            S he is justifiably proud of her Son 

                                               who now travels the world as consultant for 

                                    bridge-builders.  We owe our safety to my Brother 

 along with many others, I know...

when we cross many a bridge!



                                                Mom, this is the first Valentine's Day 

                                           and Birthday you've spent without Dad 

                                            (2010) since you were about 20...


                                               I love you, Mom


                                               World War Two Her-Os


updated May 22, 2011






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