Reverend Windhorse


What is the Future of Aromatherapy in Medicine?

Level II Aromatherapy Dissertation

November, 2005

The woodsy fragrance of Guiac, overlayed with Magnolia and heady Jasmine and neutral Hyssop.  Balsam Gurjun marches in to mobilize everyone, Angelica makes the wearer cry from her sheer illusive scent; or so it seems.  Angelica does settle the emotions of our Child's Heart; the Inner Child.  Champaca and Hazel Nut Oil feather their way into the consciousness of everyone about.  I ask myself as I ascend the I walking into the scents I've put on?  Is the little wind of my movement stirring up the luscious smell?  Even more than knowing the answer, I'm grateful for the phenomena.  I'm getting medicine every time it happens.  My whole Being is being fed, at every level of my physical and esoteric physiology.  So, how can I try to deny what I feel so strongly?  I sense that the use of Essences will find the way into main stream Medicine.


When the question was first posited, I thought I'd not be able to write about the future of something so acceptable to many and so mysterious and taboo to the majority of others?  I was first overwhelmed with the sense of sadness telling me that the delicate and metaphysical (call it quantum physics) benefits would never be explainable; let alone accepted.  Reading about various aspects, however, my excitement rose in favor of making a good stand for my conviction.


I must add, for it is my mission and responsibility:  a reminder that it always takes the support of many for something good to last, and to become recognized for its values.  It is well-considered that if our natural resources are not honored with conservation, we stand to lose our Nature as well.  Once a species of animal or plantlife is eradicated, it's special qualities exist no more.  We do well to value and preserve every medicine Creator has provided.  Humanity's track record doesn't match Creator's pantheon of Miracles.


We are a lazy species...running to doctors at every turn.  Aromatherapy is such a sweet way to begin taking back one's power.  Aromatherapy makes it luscious!  We begin to take notice of the qualities of the Devas (the spirits of the plants and their aromas) and how they actually activate various functions in the body, just by their smell, the vibratory rate, chemical composition, and other minute nuances that synergize to integrate our Being and Nature, our wholeness of body, mind and emotion.